Christmas Cards

Isn't it exciting to get those colored envelopes, with bright postage stamps, in the mailbox? They come from friends and family that we hadn't heard from in a whole year. Yet, once a year, we touch again...memories are stirred...and we are glad for all those who have known.

Since my family has moved so many times, I have long Christmas card list...and then there's my students' families and church friends and neighbors. I meet more and more friends each year. I like to tell them that I'm thinking of them with a card.

I've lost contact with one of my friends. Sarah Perl went to school with me in New York, and was the only one that kept in touch with me, since then. She came to my wedding and sent me a Hannakah card each year. She moved to Hawaii and then one year... I didn't get a card and mine was returned to me. It was like that part of my life faded away.

We sometimes tape our cards around the windows and doors. Sometimes, we tape them to the frig or hang them on mini-clothes lines with paper clips. I like the newsy letters and family pictures and the home-made ones too.

So, reach out to those friends. a Christmas card is like a hug in an envelope!

Make new friends, but keep the old,
One is silver and the other's gold.

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