Needle and Thread

My mother loves to sew. She collects sewing machines. Oh, I don't think she considers them a collection, but she has a variety of them, each having its own special uses.

One of my first memories is of her making a pink dress for me. She has made curtains, quilts, flannel shirts, baby diapers, nightgowns, and wedding gowns.

I remember learning how to thread a needle. My mother rarely cuts thread with scissors. She bites it with her teeth, so I did too...only the end was frayed and almost impossible to fit through the eye of a needle. It would be soggy with spit as I tried to force it. I still have trouble, but it because the hole seems smaller and more blurry the older I get.

I liked sewing for my girls when they were toddlers, before they had much shape or preference of style. It didn't take much fabric and they outgrew the clothes before they fell apart. I made a few things for the boys, but it was easier to buy the tough and rugged clothes that they needed.

My girls learned to sew. They made aprons, wool mittens, cloaks for their brothers, and even today, my daughter is digging through the patterns and fabrics to make something for her own baby.

I taught my sons to at least sew on a button. My oldest son earned his laundry money at college by charging his fellow dorm-fellows $.25/button. Another son made himself a mandolin case with an old pair of corduroy pants, complete with pockets for his picks.

I've learned how to cross-stitch and crochet. I prefer to knit. I've watched my mother design and sew quilts, so I can appreciate all that it involves. Sewing and stitching isn't my favorite way to spend my time, but it's a good skill to know in case I ever need it.


Laury said...

My mom used to make all of our clothes when we were little. There were four of us (I was the oldest.) She would dress us all alike so we would be easy to find. Ugh...

I remember wearing little white pinafores over my homemade dresses. Wow. What memories you've brought to mind.

Amy said...

Sewing and knitting are two things that are on my "bucket list."


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