Time Lines

I like maps and graphs and diagrams, so time lines are very fascinating to me. I like to see how one incident relates to others.

My husband gave me a book, that folds out into a huge timeline of the Bible. I have spent hours looking at it, and I'm still finding new, exciting facts in it.

I like to imagine Adam telling the story of Eden to generation after generation. I'm sure Noah knew the story well, because it didn't have to through very many tellings to reach him.

I found a fascinating fact. Aesop, who wrote the fables, lived in the time of Daniel. It's so facitating to compare world history to Bible history. Also, I like seeing when things were invented or written, even in our own nation's history. When we learn of them at different times, we don't see how they interact with each other.

Then I think of how God sees things. In the timeline of eternity, which goes forever in either direction, we are just a nano-pixel. Actually, I like to think eternity is more like space and we are like a bubble within it.

Our brains can't comprehend life without time. We think in a past, present, and future. We are born and die. We live by a clock and calendar. We makes appointments and schedules. We think of beginnings and ends.

God says that He is "I AM", without time.

I think the closest I have come to experiencing no time (not counting the years of young childhood) is when I've been on vacation. I can be lost in relaxing, reading a book, and not care what the clock says. I eat when I'm hungry and doze when I'm tired...but with a family to care for, even that might only be for one afternoon, before I'm rudely brought back to reality.

Being on the computer, I can lose track of time, but I am aware that there are other things that must be done or places I must go. I don't have the feeling of "no time". I am always needing to work on managing my time wisely, using it to learn or to help others.

Time, as we know it, has an end. After the millenium, with Christ ruling as King, the Bible says that this earth will be destroyed and time will be no more.

What a mind-boggling thought, that we will be with the Lord in eternity!

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever!

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Laury said...

I love that fact about Aesop! Very cool! I love these ideas you've planted in my brain tonight, Vonnie. I AM wants me to spend forever with Him in Heaven! What a glorious thought! Wonderful! Heavenly!:)


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