My Own Bible

When I hear of thousands, maybe millions of Christians who don't have a Bible in their hands, or maybe not even in their language, it makes me so grateful for mine.

I remember my first Bible. I still have it somewhere up in the attic in a box. It is a red, hard-cover, small-print, rather thick and chunky book. I earned it for learning my Sunday School Bible verses. Memorizing came easily to me. Our family often learned whole chapters or sections of the Bible.

I used that red Bible for quite awhile. There is a Pioneer Girls stamp in the front cover. Then after I led my friend to the Lord, my grandmother bought me a white, leather-bound Bible with colored photos of Bible lands among its pages.

I had another one in my later teen years and early marriage until my husband bought me a Scofield Study Bible. I've underlined passages that encouraged and strengthened me. Notes are printed in the margins. I can easily find Scriptures, for its pages are familiar to me. But, it's getting old and beginning to fall apart. I don't really want another one, but I think it might be time.

God is teaching me new lessons in this chapter of my life. I will be underlining different verses, different truths that apply to my life now. I will keep my old Bible. It's good to look back and see how much I've grown spiritually over the years. It's time to memorize new verses, learn new truths.

Do you remember your first Bible? Tell me about it.

Pray for those who risk their lives to own God's Word and for those who are working diligently, translating and bringing it to them.


Amy said...

When I think of my first Bible, what I really think about it the cover my mom made for it. It was blue and white gingham and in the center of the cover,she sewed in a cross-stitch piece she had made that said "When God closes a door, he opens a window." It had little blue birds sitting on a window ledge.

Thanks for the opportunity to revisit that memory.

Kim Kasch said...

Growing up, I never put anything on the Book. Later I realized it's the words not the object that matter.

Elizabeth said...

I don't even remember my VERY first Bible, since growing up in a Christian home, I always had one. My earliest memory is of one with a dusty rose cover, my name in silvery writing on the bottom right-hand corner. It was worn out by the time I was eight or nine, I think.
It amazes me to think of people that grow up without one. I just gave one to my friend, who, at 28 years old, informed me it was her first Bible EVER. Talk about a shock!


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