He Loves Me!

Genesis 29


Was there ever any doubt in Rachel's mind? There's nothing more appealing to a woman than to see a man give his all for her. I've heard girls sigh over the thought that "her" boy was fighting over her.

What is more romantic than a man waiting for his girl? Of him patiently just being there, even when the one he loves doesn't seem to care? Of him seeking her out after years and years have passed?

The name Jacob means 'trickster', and he did his share of tricking others. But, his father-in-law played a mean one on him. Can you imagine Jacob's face, when he lifted the veil to find Leah? I wonder if Rachel even suspected that her father was planning it all along.

Jacob worked for Laban for 14 long years, just waiting to marry Rachel. Even though their culture permitted many wives and concubines, Jacob loved Rachel. I'm sure she became more and more precious to him each day. No wonder her two children, Joseph and Benjamin, were his favorites!

I hope and pray that my sons and son-in-laws will be as faithful and commited to their wives. That they will be willing to work hard and show themselves loving and dedicated to making their marriages a priority in their lives.

I know that my husband loves me. He puts up with my daydreams and hobbies. He surprises me with outings or a chocolate bar. He chooses the sweetest cards, and knows when a bouquet of flowers is just what I need to cheer me up. He fixes supper when I'm busy or tired. He reads my writings and hopes for my novel to sell. He forgives me when I've hurt his feelings and apologizes when he's hurt mine. He's a wonderful father to my children and anticpates the joy of his grandchildren. He holds my hand and gives me a kiss in public. He works hard each day to provide a comfortable home. What more could a girl ask for?

I KNOW that....


Anonymous said...

Good Bible story.. Your sons have had a very good example. Sunny

LauraLee Shaw said...

What a PRECIOUS story/devotional. Your marriage and your life exemplifies just the same. May mine as well. BRIAN LOVES LAURA. ;) I like the sound of that.

Dee Yoder said...

Aww, Vonnie! So romantic and sweet. You are blessed!


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