Four More Months

Yesterday was August 25th. A teacher I worked with would greet us every 25th of the month saying, "___ more months until Christmas!"

Our family loves Christmas - the decorations, the songs, the movies, the secretive gifts (homemade or boughten), the foods, the Christmas Eve candlelight service, and all that it means for the Christian.

When the children were getting young, we'd give them $10 and let them loose in the Dollar Store to buy gifts. As they got older and had jobs, they chose better and more expensive gifts for each other. By Christmas morning, with 8 children giving presents to each other, our gifts to them, and the grandparents bringing theirs, there was a mountain of colored boxes and bags under the tree.

Then they started getting married.

Last year, one daughter suggested we draw names. It was fine for me (if they wanted to), but I couldn't give just one child a gift...impossible! But, the siblings drew names and it went quite well...not the same as yesteryears...but well enough.

This weekend, my son and his wife were here and suggested that they draw names. A list was formed (discussion as to whether girlfriends should be included) and one by one each was assigned a name. (more discussion as to whether that person had that name last year and what happens when grandchildren start coming)

Gift giving can be a chore, if you choose to look at it as a duty, or it can be anticipated as an expression of showing your love to someone. I love buying gifts for those I love. My list is getting longer and longer, but I don't care. It just means there are more and more people that I love.


Laury said...

I felt like I was in your living room with the wrapping paper flying while reading this:)

Dee Yoder said...

I love this, Vonnie! It puts me right in the mood to do some early shopping and I agree: the more the merrier at Christmas time.

Amy said...

I was just thinking it's about time to make my Christmas gift chart for the year. Thanks for putting me in the mood!

Elizabeth said...

Whoo-hoo! You know by now that I LOVE Christmas. I just bought a bunch of fundraiser wrapping paper and was thinking that I needed to buy some gifts to wrap! :)


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