Daily Abiding with Granny - Ceaseless Prayer

"Ceaseless Prayer"

"Pray without ceasing"
 (I Th 5:17)

Granny talks herself and Cinnamon, her cat, and Shadow, her dog, but she also talks to her God. Sometimes she speaks to Him aloud, as if He were in the room, but we soon learn that there is a constant conversation between Granny and the LORD in all her waking hours. 

Is God so real to me that I feel His presence? Do I hear His voice? Do I turn to Him first for guidance and companionship? Is He my best friend? 

"Surving Winter"

Most Sundays, when Reverend Hermon wasn’t in town or Zeke wasn’t there to hitch up the sleigh, they spent a quiet day together. They didn’t spin or knit or even churn butter. Granny still held it as the Lord’s Day, even if she couldn’t get to meeting. They would sing some hymns, and Granny would quote some Scripture and teach it to Phoebe. “Blessed is the man  . . . ” Maseppa listened from her chair in the corner of the kitchen, near the fireplace.
Maseppa noticed that except for the change in chores, every day was the Lord’s Day to Granny. She was always singing hymns or quoting Scripture or talking to God as if He lived right in the house with them. At first, Maseppa looked around to see if Granny was speaking to a guest, but she soon realized those frequent comments spoken to the ceiling were prayers. After a while, she got used to it, and gained comfort knowing that Granny’s God was always nearby.  

"Phoebe Greets Spring"
             Zeke grabbed his coat again. “Did Maseppa cross the creek? She may have trouble getting back on account of the rain.”
            After scurrying around for a blanket and a lantern, Granny said, “Be careful, Zeke. I’ll be praying.”
           “Thank ye much, Granny.” He smiled. “Was there ever a time that you weren’t praying?”
            Phoebe watched the lantern bobbing down the hill toward the creek. Soon it disappeared into the stormy darkness.
            “It doesn’t do any good to fret, Child. Come, sit down and work on your shawl.” Granny went back to her knitting. The clock in the front room cuckooed seven times. Sometimes Granny hummed. Sometimes her lips moved silently. 

Join me here as we study Granny's ability to live her life, 
daily abiding in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Love and Prayers,

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