Maseppequa's Sweeping Song

Maseppequa’s Sweeping Song 

Granny’s cooking supper, 
Phoebe's gathering eggs
Dirt’s flying everywhere, over floor pegs
Ondas! Come to me, guided by the broom
Broom thumps against the floor, makes pretty tune
Ondas! Dirt come here, pizan! Come here
Like my little Phoebe, you’re flying everywhere!
All the dirt is gathered near the steps
Flying to the greeting? grass should come next
Near the door! Lose some dirt, give ‘nother try
Outside, sun shine, gray phoebe fly
Butch, Shadow bark and whine
Clucking hens keeping time
Chickadees “Chickadee”
To the barnyard symphony
Dirt soon to join the song
Ondas, dirt! Move along
Good smells from the soup
Phoebe fly in from the coop 
Granny sets some dishes down
Basket with eggs white and round
Broom and I get dirt from floor
One mighty push and out the door!

(written by Zachoia Cooper, age 14)

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I like that!



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