Busy, Busy, Busy!

I thought life was supposed to slow down once your kids leave home. I didn't anticipate all the fun trips! The posts on this blog will be very sporadic over the next few months, but they will include many photos of our adventures.

Already, my busyness has included giving a tour to Rose, my friend and editor and fellow-lover of giraffes and Scrabble.

We spent a week exploring my corner of the world . . . and ran out of time to do all that we planned. She's promised to return when I publish the sequel of A Home for Phoebe.

Then Randy and I attended the wedding of my cousin's youngest daughter. It was a great time seeing their whole family - 7 children and 20 grandchildren. There was lots of hugs and singing and fellowship.

Then we took a very relaxing and beautiful train ride.

Now we're off to the wedding of our youngest child, Abel. 
We are delighted to welcome Jenny to the family. 

 . . . and soon to welcome Baby Cora and Baby Sawyer. *smile* 

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Anna Raymond said...

Wow, Melina got married! I'm glad you didn't slow down. I'm glad you're staying active and keep feeding your mind so you have so much to offer your grandchildren now. Love you, Mama!


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