B is for . . .


I have the most wonderful group of friends
over at Faithwriters.

At first, I was hesitant to join an online group.
(Aren't we all warned about making cyber friends?)
But I soon realized that this group was safe and loving
and that they thought just like I did.
(Scary, huh?)

I attended a conference a few summers ago,
and we noticed that many of us had August birthdays.
Hardly a day in the month was void of a Faithwriter birthday.
(It's like a huge party all month long.)

Every year, my family asks me what I want for my birthday.
(which happens to be tomorrow)
Most of the time, what I want is not affordable or practical.
This year is no different,
 but maybe I can whittle it down to a reasonable wish.

I wish to renovate my bathroom.
(at least get started on it)
I'd love to make it into a woodsy, natural, rustic looking decor.
(with black bears and wood accents)
Doesn't that sound like fun?

B ...is also for a cute one-wheeled bicycle.
(which is a unicycle, of course)

There's a wonderful poem on Polliwog Pages today.

Head over to Peej's Patterings for more A2Z - B things.


Karla Akins said...

Happy Birthday! Lovely post.

Joanne Sher said...

Hoping you get what you want for your birthday, dear Vonnie! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Vonnie!


Tom Threadgill said...

Happy birthday and be sure to post some before/after photos of your bathroom renovation!

Nancy K. Sullivan said...

Happy Birthday, Yvonne. Your woodsy bedroom idea sounds great!


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