Being a Steeple

I like steeples. 

Steeples stand tall against the sky, pointing thoughts and hearts to God.

Yesterday, I chanced to meet someone who had been at the hospital while I was there with my mother. This woman was also living at Gary's House. (a home for those whose loved one is hospitalized) It was not an easy time for either of us, and we built up a relationship just by being there together.

I didn't ever get a chance to open the Bible with her and present the Gospel to her, but she saw us thank the Lord for our food. She knew my father was a pastor and that we listened to hymns on the radio in the morning. She knew we prayed for her husband.

Yesterday, I saw her for only a minute in a local grocery store. I met her husband and mentioned that I had been praying a long time for him. She nodded, said, "yes." I gave her a hug, and she was gone.

As I lay in bed last night, replaying the events of the day - nursing home, thrift store, restaurant, bank, and the grocery store. I thought about that encounter with my friend. I thought of the precise timing of it. A few seconds difference and I wouldn't have seen her. Did God want us to meet?

I know he did. 

I thought of the delays at the restaurant and bank. Was God slowing me down for this reason?

I hope and pray that just seeing me will remind my friend of God - like a steeple.

Also - what if my attitude at the hospital was NOT glorifying to God. What if it had turned her away from Christians and the things of the Lord? Then the sight of me later on would not be a good thing. It would reinforce that first opinion of me and my testimony.

Lord, I want to be a steeple. 
I want to point others to You. 
May my life always be glorifying to You, 
in my words and speech and attitude. 
Lord, may I bring honor to Your Name. 
In Jesus's Name, Amen 


Laury said...

I love looking back and seeing how little stops along our way makes encounters happen that wouldn't have if things had gone according to our plan. Awesome! God surely is using you, Vonnie. <3

Anonymous said...

I love God's perfect timing.



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