Bucksport Days - Jumble of Memories

  While I try to remember things about living on Verona Island (across the Penobscot River from Bucksport)  it's hard to think of specific incidents of that last year of high school. It's all a jumble of images. What a time of mixed emotions!

I'll give you a list of a few memories of that winter - 

* The exchange student, Raphael Gonzales, was in the library with me when Maine got its first snow. Raphael had never seen snow, so I asked the librarian for permission to go outside. The librarian was such a grouch. She let him, but not me, saying I was a big girl and had seen snow before. I watched from the window as he bounded through it, made footprints and a snow angel and threw a few snowballs at me. The librarian was not too happy that he tracked snow back inside.

* When it snowed in the night, I would lie in bed the next morning and wait for mill whistle. If I remember correctly, it would whistle 7 times at 7:00 every day. BUT if it only whistled 6 times, there was no school!

*I caught the school bus at the end of our road with some neighbor kids, but I preferred to walk home in the afternoon - unless it was too cold.

* I often babysat the neighbor kids. They had a TV, and I saw the movie of A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett for the first time. I also liked to watch the Carol Burnett Show. (favorite - Tim Conway)

* I accidentally threw $20 in our kitchen woodstove - thinking it was the scrap paper in my other hand. I almost cried because it took me so long to earn it. (I think I was ordering my senior pictures.)

* Our band played Sleigh Ride for a Christmas concert. I loved that song, but we were definitely not ready to perform it, and it sounded horrible!

* Randy gave me a knitted hat for Christmas. (not very pretty, but practical) I carved him a key ring - a chunky R from wood....and almost sliced off the end of my left ring finger. (not very practical because it was too big for his pocket)

* I had a black kitten that I named Berlios (from the Aristocats movie). He fell through the rungs of railing around the stairwell, but besides a sore foot, he was fine.

My next set of memories 
are the weeks leading up to my graduation - 
speak of a jumble of emotions!

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kerry said...

oh my yes!....she was a grouch!


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