Almost Home

It's hard to define the word "home." 

            Home . . . Home calls you from the winding trails of life with an irresistible yearning to return, much as the honking geese wing northward or the leaping salmon struggle upstream.
            Subtle hints evoke a forgotten memory— a whiff of freshly baked bread or a lullaby’s tune. The memory flows into the mind like a soothing balm, but not able to heal the ache for something far away.
            Its power draws and urges the restless soul to search until that mystic place is found . . . and the weary, lonesome heart finally sighs with contentment . . . home.

Tomorrow, Zeke will be home. He's been on the road all month, and Ol' Sam needs a rest.  He's met lots of new friends, and TOMORROW one of them will win a copy of Phoebe's book. If you leave a comment here, or at the Altered Bee, or on my Facebook page you can still be in the drawing. 

1 comment:

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

What a wonderful journey and wonderful way to get many a snap shot of your book! Enjoyed the trip.


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