A Sermon on Wheels

Zeke wouldn't call himself a preacher, but I think he is.  His life is a sermon on wheels. Wherever he travels, he shows the compassion and love of the Lord to those he meets. That's how Maseppa and Phoebe first met him.

“Well, good evenin’, ladies. I reckoned some’un was in trouble, with those tracks all over the road up there. Are y’all doin’ fine?” He bent over and peered into Phoebe’s blue eyes. “Well, what a purty l’il angel!”
Phoebe giggled.
Maseppa grunted and stepped close protectively. “We be fine.”
“I won’ hurt no ‘un. I just want t’ help. M’name is Zeke. I’m a peddlah. I ramble from here to there sellin’ kettles an’ such.”  . . .

          “Well, I had a look-see at that there wagon this mornin’. It don’ look so good. The wheel is twisted, and the axle is cracked. I nailed a patch on it, but it won’ last very long. Now, I knows this fella’ in Hoosick Falls, the next town over. He can fix just about anything. I can pull your wagon behind mine and see what he says.” 

Zeke hasn't done a lot of Bible reading, but he knows what is important. Here's a conversation with a fellow traveler - 

 “I’ve made a mess o’ my life, Zeke, but last winter when my foot was stuck tight in that trap, I thought it was my time. It makes you pray when you think you’re going to meet your Maker.  I promised the Good Lord that I’d make good the wrongs I’ve done. I didn’t deserve to live, but I didn’t want to die, but I must’ve swooned or somethin’. The Good Lord saved my life and gave me a second chance. The next thing I remembered was that my foot was free. There were moccasin prints around me, but I never saw no one. I aimed t’ ask Ben ‘bout his religion… but now, he’s gone.”

Zeke shifted nervously on the seat and adjusted the reins in his hands. “Pete, I ain’t ever pretended I was a preacher, or nothin’, but Granny Mackmin told me ‘bout gettin’ forgiven. I thought it was all about bein’ good, but it’s all about God forgivin’ you."

I want to live my life in a way that shows Christ, no matter where I am or what I'm doing. I don't want others to see me, but to see Him. I want to be a sermon on wheels like Zeke.

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