"Moses, Moses, Blow Your Horn" Clapping Game

During the mid-1800's, there was a anti-tax war in New York state. The farmers did not want to be under Stephen Rensellaer's lordship, who made them pay taxes with grain and livestock for the use of their land. The farmers would disguise themselves as Indians dressed in calico and warn each other of the tax collector's arrival with tin horns. Moses Earle and a man nicknamed "Big Thunder" became key characters in the revolution.

Here is a clapping game that I wrote that incorporates many of the terms of the Anti-Rent Wars of that time.

Moses, Moses, blow your horn.
(Clap, Strike both hands – 4 times)
Grab the barley, hide the corn.
(Clap, Strike right hands, Clap, Strike left hands – Repeat)
 High, low, calico
(Strike both hands high, Strike both hands low,
Right hands, Clap, Left hands)
Over, under, lightning, thunder
(Strike right hand downward and left hand upward,
Change direction - Repeat)
Up, down, all around
(Strike both hands high, Strike both hands low,
Spin around)
 Send the tax man out of town.
 (Clap, Strike right hands, Clap, Strike left hands,
Strike both three times)

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