Simple Things

I've always wanted a pine Christmas tree.

Its branches are not as thick and full as a fir tree, but I like the long soft needles and the fragile simplicity of it.

Right away, I realized that I couldn't use our usual ornaments. Even the regular string of lights and the white angel on the top were too heavy. I looked through our decorations and found the lightest ones in the box.

I noticed that many of them were homemade.
( many from my mother)
 Popcorn wasn't heavy either.

Yes, it's much like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree,
but I like it.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found your pine Christmas tree.


Anna Raymond said...

Looks so good. I remember Daddy almost talked us into getting a round butter-ball pine tree for Christmas. And we all agreed that it would look good outside the house growing there, but not as a Christmas tree. I kind of wish we got it. We will be getting ours in a couple weeks, just in time.

kerry said...

i had a pine tree last year in maine....dana found it for me and we decorated it....i loved has a totally different look....sort of misty and soft...glad you got one!


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