Jello Popcorn Balls

It had been a while since I made these popcorn balls. I forgot how easy and fun they are to make. I can't wait to do them with the grandkids!

Pop 6-8 quarts of popcorn. (I use an air popper.)
(I haven't tried microwave popcorn. If it works, let me know.)

1 stick of butter or margerine (either in microwave or in heavy pan)

1 pkg of marshmallows

Stir well.

1 sm. pkg. of Jello (your favorite flavor or color)

Stir well, again.

Pour over popped corn.

Grease palms with shortning or butter.

Form balls (or other shapes)and place on wax paper (or greased cookie sheets)
(It cools quickly, so work quickly.)

While cooling, wash bowls and pans and spoons with hot, soapy water.

EAT !!!!

(Try different colors, flavors, and shapes. Tell me about your ideas.)

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