Do I see God in everything around me? - not just in nature's beauty, but in the synchronizing of the events in my life?  Am I seeing Him in the good and "bad" things of my life? (I'm learning that even the bad isn't actually bad- but good, because God has allowed it and is using it for His glory.)

Long ago, when I was a child, I memorized the Beatitudes (Matthew 5: 3-10) , but this time I'm seeing them with older, and hopefully, more mature eyes.

BLESSED - "happy"  
(not rich or famous, but content and satisfied)

are  . . .

the POOR IN SPIRIT - "low, humble"
(not proud or boastful, but contrite)
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven . . .

they that MOURN - "cry in sadness"
 (not hard or cold, but sensitive to sin)
for they shall be comforted . . .

the MEEK - "selfless, controlled" 
(not forceful or demanding, but having a quiet power)
for they shall inherit the earth . . .

they that HUNGER and THIRST after RIGHTEOUSNESS - "seeking truth"
(not arrogant or unteachable )
for they shall be filled . . .

the MERCIFUL - "kind, forgiving" 
(not cruel or bitter, but caring and loving)
for they shall obtain mercy . . .

the PURE in heart - "innocent, naive" 
(not deceitful or distorted, but honest and true)
for they shall see God . . .

the PEACEMAKERS - "calm, gentle"
(not irritating or disrupting, but persuading and loving)
for they shall be called the children of God . . .

they that are persecuted for RIGHTEOUSNESS SAKE - "being godly, having a firm belief"
(not wicked or hypocritical)
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

I am attempting to memorize Matthew 5 (the first chapter of the Sermon on the Mount). I don't know if I can learn the whole thing, but this is a beginning. Contact me if you want to do it with me.


Linda said...

Oh so good! I am gonna re-read the Beatitudes!

Yvonne Blake said...

Yes, Linda ... Don't you love when you see an old familiar verse in a new light?


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