Feeling Un-Focused

When I was a kid, I liked to twist up the ropes of my swing until the seat was so high I couldn't touch the ground anymore. Then I'd hold on tight and let it unwind - spinning so fast the world was a blur. I'd have to sit still for a few minutes because I couldn't focus on anything long enough to walk a straight line.

That's how I feel right now. I've been a in a whirlwind  for over few months - weddings, graduations, new babies, teaching VBS, trips by car, plane, bus, and even by train. At times, all I could do was hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Even though my "ropes" have unwound, I can't seem to focus long enough to do anything but just sit still. I have oodles of projects and plans that I want to do - that have been on hold for a while, but I don't know what to do first.

Enjoy our Maine summer 
Spend time with friends 
Knit for family and Russian Orphans 
Re-work my Polliwog Pages Website 
Format some books for publishing 
Organize the boxes of stuff in the attic 
Write, Edit, Design
I guess sitting still isn't a bad thing. I'm being quiet, and that's when God talks to me. It's hard to hear Him when the "noise" of activity fills my head. I don't want to waste my time flitting from one project to another - not accomplishing anything. I need to know which things should be priorities.

Lord, which things bring glory to You? 
Which help me to grow into a better person? 
Which are most helpful to those around me? 
Lord, what do You want me to do? 


Laury said...

I liked to wind up the swing and let it unwind fast too. Now I think it would make me throw up to do that! :) Hope you get things done in the exact order and pace God has for you, Vonnie. <3

Yvonne Blake said...

God answered my prayers and sent the edits of my novel to me today. I have something that will keep me focused for a few days.


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