Q is for . . . Questionable Q Words.

I love the game of Scrabble. 

 The more I play it, the more vocabulary I learn. Some online games have a dictionary tool that lets you check if a set of letters make a word, but I have an unwritten rule that I try find the meaning of any word that I play. So I've learned the meaning of quite a few, especially those beginning with the letter Q.

Do you know the meaning of these words? 

 1. QUAY - (Hint: water) 
 2. QUERN - (Hint: grain)
 3. QIVIUT - (Hint: rare hair) 
 4. QUAHOG - (Hint: seashell)
 5. QUANT - (Hint: gondola) 

 (I'll post the answers in the comment box.)


Joanne Sher said...

The only one I know is the first :)

Fun post, Vonnie!

Yvonne Blake said...

1.a dock
2. a hand-powered grain mill
3. wool of a yak
4. a large bi-valve shellfish
5. to propel a boat with a long pole


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