Polliwog Bulletin Board

When families home-school, there are many benefits.

1. You can stay in your pajamas.
2. You can finish your work by noon.
3. You can learn through going on vacation.

But there are some disadvantages, too.

1. You still have school on snow days.
2. It's hard to play four-square by yourself.
3. No one usually sees your work besides your family.

Polliwog Pages Kids Write is like a bulletin board.
Stories are posted each Saturday to let others see what kids are writing.

I am excited to see our group of Polliwog Kids growing.
(many who are home-schoolers, who are faithfully doing the writing lessons.

Today's story is the result of the assignment of describing a special day.

(Please, leave some comments.)
That's something you can't usually do on a bulletin board!

If you know of any home-schoolers that need the encouragement of a "bulletin board," Polliwog Pages is a fun place to be. Feel free to pass on this link.

Polliwog Pages

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