So Much Going On!

Polliwog Pages is teeming with activity.

Polliwog Pages is a place to discover the joys of children’s literature. There are shelves of good books to browse through. One page gives tips on writing for children, while another one features writings by children. Discover amazing wonders of nature, and listen to a Smory. Wiggles the Polliwog invites you to join the fun in the world of children’s literature.

On Wednesdays, on WRITING TIPS there is a new writing lesson for kids each week, where they learn to use interesting verbs and develop characters and much more.

Each Saturday,on KIDS WRITE, you can find original and unedited stories and poems written by the kids themselves.

There are prizes and stories to read and interactive web sites to explore.

POLLIWOG PAGES is the coolest place to be!
Come! Join the fun!

Wiggles the Polliwog

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