What new things have you dared to do?

If I never try anything new, I get stuck in my own little hole and never learn or grow. My mother taught me to "dabble" - to try new things, at least a little, to see if it's something you want to spend more time doing. I've realized that most things aren't as hard as I thought they would be. I just needed to try.

My good friend, Patty Wysong, has challenged a few of us to make a vlog (video blog). We were encouraged to introduce ourselves and tell a little about what we are doing. I know it's a good way to promote your writing, and that I'd have to practice sometime, but it took this group of friends to get me going.

I've been thinking about where to do the vlog, what to say, what to wear, etc. I even dreamed about it last night. It took a stack of books and a few dud attempts to finally make it, but I did it! (...although I forgot what I wanted to say - even with notes.)

If you would like to see more vlogs, go to Peej's blog,
Ordinary Lives.
(It's all her fault....smile!)


Anonymous said...

Great job on this vlog post!!


Patty Wysong said...

YAYAYAY! Good job, Vonnie! =] So fun to visit with you! =]

See, it wasn't as bad as we feared, was it? ;-)

Shanda said...

Great job. And I love Smokey. I have a Smokey too!

Yvonne Blake said...

No, Peej, it wasn't as hard as we feared...but I couldn't figure out my webcam, so I used my digital camera (and transferred it).
I've figured out the webcam now...so next time, I'll be able to use that.
(Did I say "next time" !?)

Marji Laine - Faith-Driven Suspense said...

Great job and what a beautiful family you have! Love the column of pics! Oh, and Smokey did well, too!

Rita Garcia said...

Vonnie, I love your Vlog! I learned things about you I didn't know! Fun! Great job! Hugs!

jennifer Slattery said...

Fun vlog! And it's great to put a voice to the writer. :-)

Joanne Sher said...

So VERY friendly, Vonnie! Felt like you were right there next to me, chatting. You're GOOD at this :)


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