Monday Manna -"Make Me a Blessing"

Today's Monday Manna
is hosted by Joanne Sher
at An Open Book.
We are focusing on this verse -

"He that goeth forth and weepeth,
bearing precious seed,
shall doubtless come again with rejoicing,
bringing his sheaves with him."

(Psalm 126:6 KJV)

This verse brings a song to my mind.

"Out in the highways and byways of life,
Many are weary and sad,
Carry the sunshine where darkness is rife,
Making the sorrowing glad.

Make me a blessing,
Make me a blessing,
Out of my life, may Jesus shine;
Make me a blessing,
O Savior, I pray,
Make me a blessing to someone today."

("Make Me a Blessing" by B. Wilson)

I must confess that I haven't wept very often over the lost condition of those around me. I know that only Jesus has the power to save and forgive sins, but He has given us the responsibility to show His love to those He brings into our lives.

When I go to the grocery store, do I reach to those I pass in the aisles? Do I help an elderly woman reach things on a top shelf? Do I coo over a young mother's new baby or compliment her on a toddler's good behavior? Do stop to chat with an acquaintance and genuinely ask how they are doing?

As I wait at the post office or the bank, do I make small-talk with others, instead of grumbling with impatience? Do I thank those that serve me with a smile?

Do I pray for my neighbors and others I see each day? Do I care how they stand before God? Do I look for ways to tell them of Jesus?

"Lord, use me today. Let my life shine for You,
so that others will see Your love.
I want to bring forth fruit.
I want to used by You.
Give me a passion for those around me.
In Jesus' Name, Amen"


Joanne Sher said...

Great reminder of our need to reach out to the lost, and be a witness. Thanks for participating, dear Vonnie!

Coleene said...

Walking this summer, I find others along this same path. Some smile and say Hi while others stare right ahead without hardly giving me a glance. I intentionally try and make eye contact with both of these "souls." I believe Jesus can be seen in just a smile or a hello, and it certainly can open a door to sharing His love. Write-on Joanne!


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