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Peej suggested that we tell about ourselves for "I"

Who am I?

I've lots of different roles.
I'm an only daughter (2 brothers, no sisters),
I'm a wife (married 34 yrs.),
I'm a mother (to 8 grown children),
I'm a grandmother (to five cuties),
I'm a teacher (for 12 years and now tutoring),
and I'm also a writer,
Sunday School teacher,

I'd rather eat fruit than ice cream.
I'd rather sail than ride a jet-ski.
I'd rather be alone than host a party.
I'd rather sweep than vacuum.
I'd rather defend than be on the offence.
I'd rather listen than talk.

ugh...enough about me!

I'm excited over my new adventure.
I am now the proud owner of my first E-Book!


Until July 31, you may download it FREE!
(use this code: DJ22L )


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Congratulations on your E-Book!!!


Rita Garcia said...

Fantastic post! I didn't know about your ebook--CONGRATULATIONS! I will download it today! Thank you!

Sparrow said...

Fun post! And I'm downloading the ebook now. Will read it as soon as I'm done with your other book. :-)

Oh, and somehow you got the link for your F post into this week's Mr. Linky on Peej's blog. Oh well, all people have to do is click on your header and we find this week's. :-)

Laury said...

I'm glad to get to know you better this week through your post:) Luvu!

Nancy K. Sullivan said...

Love your intro, Yvonne. Your new book looks wonderful. Congratulations! I'll be downloading it also :)

Niki Turner said...

Wow! Congratulations on your ebook!
My first grandbaby arrived April 29, I can only imagine the glorious blessings of having five of them! : )
And as to hosting a party or being alone... I concur.

Patty Wysong said...

Fun!! and a huge congrats on your ebook, Vonnie!! =]


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