Canaan Years -One of my Favorite Things

During my last year in Canaan,
a friend invited me to see "The Sound of Music."

It was a big thing.
First of all, we NEVER went to the movies.
(Remember, we didn't even have a television.)
We never played cards or went to dances.
(not that I wanted to...
well, I did want to try square dancing for a while.)

But I really, really wanted to see this movie
...and my father said, "Yes."

I loved it!

Seeing the Austrian Alps on the big screen made me feel like I was there.

I laughed

and cried

and dreamed.
(of love
and a big singing family of my own)

For months, I sang the songs.

Being sixteen-going-on-seventeen myself, I understood Leisel.

Over the years, I've seen the "Sound of Music" on my television set many times, but it's never been as magical as seeing it in that theater for the first time. It was certainly "one of my favorite things."


Anonymous said...

It IS a good movie, and you
did end up with a big family
of your own. Smile.


Joanne Sher said...

One of my alltime FAVORITE movies! Used to act it out with my little brothers (they were NOT very fond of it - but oh well LOL). I can still sing most of the songs. Never saw it in the theater, but have many, MANY times on TV.


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