Canaan Years - Skowhegan State Fair

One of the highlights of summer was the Skowhegan State Fair. It was a real country agricultural fair with blue ribbons for the perfect jams and home-raised calves.

Mr. Harriman, a man in our church, was the University of Maine Extension Agent in charge of 4-H clubs in Somerset County and let my father judge the exhibits in the 4-H building, giving him (and us) free tickets each year.

Of course, we rode the carnival rides and ate cotton candy and watched the horse shows. I liked the Ferris wheel and merry-go-round and the Scrambler. I didn't like the Zipper or Bullet or anything that turned you upside-down. There were also horse races and evening concerts, but we never attended those.

One year, our youth group worked with Child Evangelism Fellowship by handing out tickets for a free movie in the COW (Chapel on Wheels). A friend and I were walking through the midway when a woman behind us yelled,
"Don't look at me like that!"

We turned around and saw that it was someone from the "girly show" dressed in netted stockings, high heels, and a skimpy outfit. We hadn't noticed her until she yelled at us. We ignored her and kept going, but she yelled at us again. My heart began racing, and my skin crawled. We got back to the chapel as soon as we could. The missionary suggested we take the rest of the day off.

Years later, I had another experience at that fair that often comes to mind. My best friend's father was the administrator and coordinator of the Skowhegan State Fair. When we went through the front gate, my friend asked if she could call her father on their phone.

"Dad, I have a friend with me. May she come in?
....Thanks, Dad."

I couldn't help but think it will be like that when we get to heaven. We will only have access through the gates because we are "with His Son."

The fair is a mixture of all kinds of people, and as most places we go in life, there is a battle between evil and good. May we shine as lights to show others the Way wherever we happen to be.


Aunt Gloria said...

Brought back many of which I would rather forget...judging all those muffins and cookies made by 4-H kids...some good...some not so good...I often wondered if it was worth a free ticket!

Yvonne Blake said...

Smile! Yes, Aunt Gloria, it was a mixture of sights, smells, and emotions every time I went to the fair.


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