A2Z - "B" is for Beachcombing

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The beaches in Maine are not like the typical white sandy beaches of the sunny South. There are more rocks and seaweed than sand and sea shells, but there are also lots of interesting things washed ashore with the tides.

You never know what you will find.

Today I'm offering my young writers
an idea for a story
on Polliwog Pages.

(I included some "B" words
so it would work for this A2Z post, too!)

If you're interested,
there's information and instructions about
the a2z meme here.

So, Join the fun!
Put on a hat and some sunscreen,
and let's go beachcombing for some treasures.

(photo by Elsie Trask)


Barbara Lynn Culler said...

I love the beach! I live about 50 miles inland from the ocean and rarely get there, but my home is decorated in a beachy cottage style!

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer said...

The beach!!!! Oh how I long to visit one this summer.

Sparrow said...

My family has a time share on the Oregon Coast and I love beachcombing. Normally any shells we find are broken, but one year we found litterally hundreds of whole sand dollars. Some of them were still alive and others were inhabated by tiny crabs, but we found lots that were empty to take home.

Shelley Ledfors said...

I love the beach, too! We're blessed to live near the beach here. We have some that are sandy but also wild, rocky coastline that is just gorgeous. I never have been to the east coast. Maybe some day I can see the beaches you have there!

Niki Turner said...

In my landlocked state, I CRAVE the beach. Especially the Atlantic side. I've never been as far north as Maine's coast. Looks intriguing!

Kristi Peifer said...

I'm about 5-10 minutes from the shoreline here in Northern California. The beach is beautiful, but the breakers are really strong. Can't say that I've been beachcombing there. I'll have to try that sometime!

NancyK@A Softer Voice said...

I've only seen beaches to the south and the west. I look forward to seeing the east coast someday. Beachcoming ... what a wonderful way to spend a spring day. Happy hunting!

Patty Wysong said...

Nothing smells like the coast up there. sigh. I think a visit is long overdue!

Felicity said...

Beachcombing is a lot of fun. It's been a long time since I did that. I loved the pictures in your post - are they your own?

Yvonne Blake said...

Felicity, these 2 happened to be taken by friends, but I see these scenes often at the seashore near our home.


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