New York Years - Stretching and Changing


Before my family moves to Maine, I'll have to tell you about a few more things that happened in New York. I couldn't ever tell them all, but I need to mention a few more.

I called our family the "Rubber Band."

Our family was always taking in people who needed a family. I never knew how many plates to set at the table. While we lived in Hoags Corner, a whole family lived with us for a few months. The mother had just given her heart to the Lord and need help taking care of her children. There must have been at least 5 or 6 of them. I know I shared my room with 2 of the girls. One night, the older girl asked me how to be saved. It was the first time I was used by the Lord to point someone the way to salvation.

Later, we took in a girl named Candy. My parents rescued her from a horrible situation and became her foster guardians. Accustomed to being the only girl, it wasn't always easy to share my room and attention, but I'm sure it kept me from being spoiled. I'll have to admit that I wasn't the easiest person to room with. I took joy in finding ways to tease my foster sister.

Even though I was looking forward to moving to Maine, I would miss some dear friends - Sarah, Joey, Penny, and many others. I would also be leaving memories of pets - Sandy, the lovable mutt; Spooky and Snowball, the cats; Sparky, the guinea pig; a rabbit and a cageful of chickens. (although not really pets)

About that time, Fang came to stay with us. He was a huge German shepherd that adopted my father. He just showed up one day and began following my father everywhere. We found the owner, but he said Fang wouldn't stay home. Since Fang seemed to like Daddy, he said we could keep him. So, Fang went to Maine on vacation with us. He adopted Daddy.

That was also the summer I gave my mother a "special" birthday present. We went to a town fair, and someone was selling a guinea pig. We already had one guinea pig, Ginger, but she had short hair. This one had long fluffy hair and only cost $1, plus she was pregnant. Who could pass up that deal? I bought Julie the guinea pig for my mother. She was "thrilled." So, when it was time to move, tucked beside the potted plants and blankets in the back seat was a cage of baby guinea pigs.

As I said in my last post, my parents were so sure that God wanted us in Canaan, Maine, that we had the U-Haul truck packed with a player piano, washer and dryer, couch and rugs - on the very night they were voting at the church business meeting. When we got the call from Ed Harriman the next morning, we were ready to go.

My life was changing... again!


Laury said...

It's amazing all you can remember of your childhood, Vonnie. Of course, yours was very exciting with lots of moves - that probably helps, I'm sure.

Yvonne Blake said...

I don't know why I can remember so much. Maybe it was my way of "keeping a journal."

Rita's Random Ramblings said...

I love reading your stories! What a blessing to have wonderful childhood memories to share!

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

You seem to be like me with the memories - my sister just looks at me with a blank look on her face wondering how we could have possibly been raised in the same family - then I get into more and more details and she starts to remember and once in awhile she will remember something I don't! It's fun!


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