Making Priorities

Over the last week I've been sorting through the things that fill my time. I found that there needs to be at least 6 more hours in each day. I tried not sleeping as much, but I got grumpy.

The things in my life are like building blocks. I need to establish a good foundation, or all the rest will be unstable and fall down around me. I have to keep things in order of priority:

God - Family - Writing

I don't like schedules, but I've learned that they are very effective in keeping things in order and getting things done. So, I'm putting my blogs (My Back Door and Polliwog Pages) on a schedule.

Thanks to your participation on my poll, I have a good idea of what to write about each day. Here are the results of the poll:

My Writing 83%)
This tells me that I need to write more. I will post either a poem or short story or an excerpt from a longer story each week.

Childhood Memories (66%)
I enjoyed recalling my childhood, too. My last memory post was at a turning point and the beginning of my teen years. So, be prepared for some crazy emotional ups and downs.

Thoughts/Devotionals (66%)
Yes, my thoughts and devotionals are a big part of me starting this blog. I plan to join Joanne Sher in hosting Monday Manna twice a month.

Photography (41%)
I am building my own supply of photos, and I will post some each week on the Nature Page of Polliwog Pages. Of course, I'll continue showing off pictures of my grand-kids and our beautiful Maine.

Bible Memorization (29%)
I kind of fizzled with my Bible memorization last year. I still think it's important, but I'm going to do it more slowly. I will learn a new verse once a week and practice it often.

Grammar/Language (20%)
Parenting Advice (16%)

It looks like not many readers are interested in Grammar or Parenting, but that's okay. I will probably insert a little here and there. I can't help it! I mothered eight kids and taught reading for over twelve years.

Sunday is a day of worship and a day-off from blogging. I like to post pictures of churches. (I'm looking for more pictures, if you happen to have any you'd like to share. I prefer old fashioned ones with steeples.)

I plan to post something everyday, either on this blog or Polliwog Pages.
Thanks for being faithful readers. You make blogging worth my while.


Laury said...

Sounds like a great plan, Vonnie! Will be cheering you on this year:)

Joanne Sher said...

Looks like a great plan, dear! :) Praying you through, and looking forward to having you join me with Monday Manna :)

Sheila Deeth said...

An interesting read. Now to work on my plan...


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