Texas Trip: Days Eight and Nine

Day Eight - Tuesday

Our visit in Midlothian went by too fast. Aunt Lois had pancakes cooking when we woke up. I took pictures around the house and farm - of the cats and dogs and horse and grandkids. Uncle Seymour told some more stories.It was hard to say "good-bye." Aunt Lois reminded so much of my Grammy. I didn't want to let her go.

Matt punched their home address in the GPS, and we were on the road again - four hours back to Austin. Matt pointed out Baylor University where he attended.

We stopped at Czech bakery and bought kolaches. (another culture to add to my list of experiences) Kolaches are pockets of bread with sausage in them. I got one with saurkraut. I figured that I might as well taste the authentic kind. It was good. They also had fruity dessert kolaches. I got an apricot cream one. MMMMMMMMmmmm!

It was good to be "home" at Grace and Matt's apartment -at least we weren't on the road. In fact, there was nothing planned for the next couple days. We went back to Hobby Lobby for a couple more souveniers and the grocery store for our Christmas celebration the next day.

Day Nine - Wednesday


We woke to gifts around the new piano and a nativity set on the the dining room table. I made bacon and eggs and banana bread for breakfast.
We sipped coffee flavored with egg nog while opening presents.

We had some laughs and ahhhhs and watched the cats play with the wrapping paper. II was afraid my cat allergies would be a problem on this trip, but I haven't felt it at all. Maybe I'm not allergic to cats anymore!) The hit of the day was a tent. Matt was ready to set it up in the living room.

The temperatures were in the 70's. We couldn't stay in the house. So, Randy and I and Grace walked around a new campus next to their apartment complex, Concordia University. It's a pretty place, with lots winding pathways and beautiful buildings.

I am facinated by the trees and rocks and birds around Austin. The trees look like a type of cedar and oaks, with gnarled branches and little leaves. The rocks have holes all through them, like they melted. Cardinals gather around the yard like sparrows.

I challenged Matt to a chess game and got soundly whopped, but it was fun.
We ate a Christmas supper of shrimp, mini-quiches, pepperjack cheese, and cream cheese/bacon/black olives sandwiches. We finished the day watching "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. A great way to end a great vacation.

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Joanne Sher said...

And she's heading home! SOOO glad you had a good vacation.


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