Papa Panov's Special Day

When my children were young, they were given a copy of the book Papa Panov's Special Day
by Leo Tolstoy.

It's about a Russian shoemaker who lives alone. He has a dream that Jesus would visit him on Christmas Day. All day long he waits for Jesus. He helps others who are hungry and cold, but Jesus never comes...or so he thought.

That night he has another dream. This time, the people that he helped that day pass by saying, "Didn't you know me?" Jesus had visited him, and he didn't even know it.

We had a great time performing it as a play in our Christian school. It is a great book for teaching kindness and love for others.

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Rita's Random Ramblings said...

Love that story! Thanks for sharing a reminder--think I'll pull it off the bookshelf and read it again!


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