My Christmas Baby

Twenty-three years ago, I wondered how Mary could travel by donkey all the way to Bethlehem while being nine months pregnant. I was having trouble getting my family of six children ready for Christmas -shopping, school programs, decorations, etc.

This baby was overdue, and my doctor wanted to induce me. He gave me the choice of BEFORE Christmas, ON Christmas, or AFTER Christmas. I thought hard of the various implications later on. I decided that BEFORE would be the best. On Christmas, he would not have a special day to himself, and AFTER Christmas would anti-climatic.

So, on December 22, 1987, Micah was born. We named him Micah as a Christmas name. I considered Joseph, Simeon, Isaiah, and John, but decided on Micah- from the prophecy of Micah 5:2, concerning the town of Bethlehem. (He loves Christmas and celebrates it a little the 25th of each month all year long.)

Micah was the only baby in the nursery at Blue Hill Memorial Hospital at the time. The nurses would sit in my room, just for a chance to hold him. They gave him a huge stocking (which we later used for a photograph with him in it).

Micah was a chubby, cute baby. When he was a toddler, he had trouble speaking plainly, but Lydia was his interpreter. He was an expert at finding where his older brothers hid their stash of candy while they were at school.

Micah always loved horses. He use shoestrings to tie his toy horses to the railing of his bed. His favorite stuffed toy was Taffy, a home-made gift from his grandmother. He said he didn't want a car when he grew up; he wanted a horse and buggy.

Micah was an interesting kid. When he was five, he bought himself a sewing kit. At age 12, he learned to knit. In high school, he learned to play the piano. He skied and played basketball and ran like the wind in cross-country.

He always wished we lived on a farm. For years, he raised chickens. When the eggs hatched, the chicks followed him about like an adopted mother. But living in the woods was dangerous for chickens, with coons and hawks and other wild animals, and he finally gave up.

Micah still dreamed of having a horse. He had several opportunities to take care of neighbors' horses. We just didn't have the space to have one of our own.

Micah was always a hard worker. His employers loved him. He had many friends, but his best friend was Grace Fitzgerald. They were only a month apart in age and were classmates all through school. During their senior year, they were engaged and married a year later.

Now, they have 2 beautiful children and live in Milford, New Hampshire. Micah is still a hard worker and has many friends and still loves horses and music. When he's not working, he's writing music and playing music and directing music at his church.

Listen to his latest song "I Don't Deserve".

Micah, we love you and are thankful for the great man you have become.

(Sorry...I didn't take the time to scan his baby pictures.)

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