Christmas Meme

Lynda Schab on On the Write Track has a fun meme today. Here are 10 Christmas questions and my answers. Feel free to copy and paste to your blog, then link back to Lynda's blog, so others can read them, too.

1. What's your favorite Christmas song?
"Cantique de Noel" ("O Holy Night" in French)There is so much more meaning to the words than our English version.

2. When do you start your Christmas shopping?
I don't usually start until after Thanksgiving (but not on Black Friday). We like to go the out-of-the-ordinary stores. Recently, I've done more online.

3. Favorite holiday treat to indulge in?
(anything with chocolate or nuts or cherries...)

4. Do you deck the halls or keep it simple?
We light a cross and a tree outside. Inside, we have a nativity set, a miniature village, and dozens of interesting knick-knacks.

5. Real tree or fake?
Real ! (cut from the top of a fir in the nearby woods...someday, I want a pine tree...but I've been outvoted every year, so far)

6. Most memorable present you've received:
That's hard... so many nice ones: a mother's ring (8 stones), comfy teacher's chair, etc... I'll have to say the birth of my first grandson, Carter (born Dec. 26th)

7. Favorite Christmas movie or television special:
"A Christmas Carol" (any version) Also, I enjoy the Christmas Hallmark movies, especially the old commercials.

8. A family holiday tradition:
Christmas Eve - We start by waking early and going shopping at the 24 hr. WalMart and eating breakfast at Dysarts' Truck Stop.
In the evening, we stop all preparations and worship the Lord at our candle light service at church - each participating by singing, reciting a poem, or reading Scripture. (That's the best part of Christmas for me.)

9. Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Until the kids grew up and got married, we opened presents on Christmas Day (and still do), but now we will probably be having various celebrations with the different families whenever we can get together.

10. A gift you'd like to offer to Jesus this year:
Seeing other's through His loving and forgiving point of view.


Lynda Schab said...

Thanks for playing along, Vonnie! Great pics...What an adorable baby!

Joanne Sher said...

Love your answers - especially Christmas Eve. I just put mine in the comments at Linda's blog. :)

Verna Mitchell said...

Wonderful collection of answers. I love the picture of Carter...and you


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