Writer Stampede!

Watch for Stampeding Writers

The month of November means one thing for a certain group of people. It's time for NaNoWriMo !
(National Novel Writing Month)

Thousands of writers converge to challenge themselves and each other to write 50,000 words in one month. Why they put it in November, with Thanksgiving near the end of the month, when you're trying to squeeze in enough words to finish, and Christmas activities starting to fill up your schedule? I don't know. Maybe it's to make it extra challenging!

I like NaNo because it's a way to accomplish things that I've been putting off (because I know it's a big job). I used two NaNo months to write the sequel "Going Home with Phoebe."

This year, a friend traveling to the West Coast reminded me of our family's trip to California. I meant to write about it, but never did. So, this NaNo isn't technically a novel (fiction), but it will be easy to complete the 50,000 wordcount, and it will be a way to accomplish something on my
"ought to do list."

I gathered my photos and receipts and videos to remind me of the details. One memory triggers five more! I can't wait to get writing!

From time to time, I'll post excerpts of my book. I hope you enjoy the trip as much as we did.

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Debra Ann Elliott said...

Great blog post. I've set up a seperate blog for my NaNo. It helps keep my focused.


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