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This week, our church is having our summer daycamp. I teach the 4-5 yr. olds. I thought I would share with you the lesson for each day, so you can pray for me as I teach it. The theme this year is SeaQuest, Diving for God's Treasure. (I will be writing in simple words, much like the words I will use with my young students.)

Hidden Treaures
(Matthew 9:9-13, 13:44-46)

Matthew was a tax collector. It was his job to gather the money from the people to give to the government. Most tax collectors were theives. They took more than what was required and kept the extra for themselves. The Bible doesn't tell us if Matthew was a thief. He might have been, but when Jesus called him, he left his job and followed.

Matthew gave a big feast at his house for Jesus. He invited his friends, the other tax collecors. There were some people that hated Jesus for being friends with Matthew and his friends. They said, "Why does Jesus eat with them? Doesn't he know that they are sinners?"

Jesus knew what they were saying. Jesus is the Son of God. He knows everything. He even knows what others are thinking.

Jesus told stories to teach people about God. He told two stories about finding something valuable.

A man found a treasure in a field. It was very valuable. He wanted the treasure so much that he sold all that he had to buy the field, so that he could own the treasure. Another man, a merchant who bought and sold pearls, saw a wonderful pearl. It was much bigger and better than any pearl he had ever seen. He sold all that he had to buy that one pearl.

We are God's treasure. We are very valuable to Him. Jesus left heaven to come to earth. He gave up His life for us. God wants us to give our all for Him. He doesn't want our money or things; He wants our hearts. He wants us to give Him ourselves.


I John 3:1
"Behold, what manner of love
the Father hath bestowed upon us."

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