Waiting for the Word of the Lord

Our pastor is preaching through Genesis right now during our Sunday evening services. Last night, he preached from Genesis 8:1-19, about Noah waiting for the Word of the Lord.

It took Noah over a 100 years to build the ark, amid ridicule and wickedness. After they filled the ark with food and animals, Noah and his wife, his sons and their wives, entered into the ark. God shut them inside, and they sat there for a whole week. (Genesis 7:10)

(2nd month of the year)

Can you imagine it?

I wonder if the families of the daughter-in-laws tried to get them back. I wonder if Noah's wife was having doubts.
I wonder how dark it was inside the ark.

Then it began to rain. The earth shook. The heavens broke open. For forty days the ark rolled on the stormy waters. (Genesis 7:14)

I wonder if the animals squawked and roared.
I wonder if anyone was seasick.
I wonder if they collected the rainwater in barrels.

Then the rain stopped. The ark was alone on the earth-no land, only water and sky. It floated around for 150 days. That is five months. That's a long time. (Genesis 7:24)

I wonder if some animals hibernated.
I wonder if there were baby rabbits and mice everywhere.
I wonder if some of Noah's sons had children.

The sun shined and the winds blew, and they evaporated the water. Wind means waves-probably big waves.

I wonder if the dishes slid off the table.
I wonder if they cooked anything.
I wonder if they slept in hammocks.

The ark rested on the top of a mountain. It stopped floating. It stopped moving. (Genesis 8:4)

(7th month of the year)

I wonder if it bumped a few times before settling.
I wonder if the ark was tilted on the mountain.
I wonder if anyone got hurt.

They saw the tops of other mountains after three more months. (Genesis 8:5)

(10th month of the year)

I wonder if Noah climbed a ladder to peek out every morning.
I wonder if it was stinky and hot in the ark.
I wonder if the women were tired of feeling dirty.

After another forty day (a whole month and a week), Noah made a window and let out a raven, but the bird found much carnage for food and did not return, but soared about in the sky. So, Noah let out a dove. The dove did not find any seeds or fruit, and fluttered back to the ark. (Genesis 8:6-9)

(12th month/1st week)

I wonder if the land and sea stank of dead flesh.
I wonder if Noah gazed for hours at the new earth.
I wonder if the dove was frightened.

Noah waited a week and let out the dove again. This time it returned with an olive leaf in its beak. Noah knew there were plants growing on the earth. (Genesis 8:11)

(12th month/2nd week)

Noah waited another week before letting his dove out again, and this time she did not return. (Genesis 8:12)

(12th month/3rd week)

I wonder if everyone was getting excited.
I wonder if the animals could smell the grass.
I wonder if food was running out.

Noah waited another week. Then on the first day of the new year, he opened up the door of the ark... but they did not leave. (Genesis 8:13)

(1st month of the new year)

I wonder if fresh breezes blew through the ark.
I wonder if the animals were restless and tried to escape.
I wonder if Noah's family begged to get out.

But Noah waited... and waited...

They could see the dry land spread out before them. It was green and beautiful, but they did not get out and explore the new earth.

Why? Noah was waiting for God. He did not want to go anywhere without God's permission. Finally, after two more months and twenty-seven days, God told him to leave the ark, to let the animals out, to multiply and replenish the earth with life. (Genesis 8:13-17)

(2nd month/4th week)

I wonder if they cheered.
I wonder if they cried in happiness.
I wonder if the animals galloped and scampered and leaped out of the ark.

( total - over a year in the ark)

Noah and his family thanked God for His mercy toward them. They built an altar and sacrificed an offering to God. God told them that things would be different. There would be seasons. Meat would be eaten for food. He gave His Word that He would not flood the earth again. They stood in awe of the colorful ribbon across the sky. (Genesis 8:20-9:13)

I wonder if they ran down the grassy hills.
I wonder if they splashed in the streams.
I wonder if they laughed for joy and thankfulness!

Check out this site on the discovery of Noah's Ark

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Laury said...

I'm sure they had children running around the ark, but it doesn't say that. Is lots to wonder about, for sure. :)


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