Great Books for Kids

Reading with kids is a wonderful activity to do with kids. It's a great way to bond. It's a fun way to learn. It's an exciting way to discover the world.

When they are only infants, they will hear the sounds of your voice. As they get older, they learn to identify objects on a 2-dimensional surface. Toddlers love books with bright colors, things to touch or do, and a good rhythm to the words. About 10 words/page is about all the time they can wait before wanting to turn the next page.

Children of all ages love to be read to. Read a variety of levels and genres. Read poetry, adventure, classics, and humor. Take them to the library and bookstores. Make books a big part of your life.

My grandkids are just getting to the age where they can really enjoy books. They have their favorites and love to hear them read over and over.

Some of our favorites right now are -

Are You My Mother? (by P. D. Eastman) A baby bird falls from his nest and is looking for his mother. We give each character his own voice, and cheer when it ends happily...everytime!

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (by Al Perkins) It's a monkey drum convention! This book has a great rhythm that will get your little one bouncing in time to the words. (WARNING: you'll be saying "Dum, ditty, dum, ditty" throughout the rest of the day!)

Jamberry (by Bruce Degen)This is a great summertime book. A boy and a bear gather all kinds of berries to make a pie. It has fun pictures and a great rhythm.

Take a look at my Shelfari (on the right sidebar) for other books I recommend for children.

Also, I've discovered a wonderful blog that reviews children's books.
Orange Marmalade

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