Friday Fiction - A MIghty God is He

Has it been a whole week? Today's Friday Fiction is hosted by Laury Hubrich at Fill Your Paper. Enjoy some great stories and don't forget to leave comments.

I wrote this poem for a Faithwriters Weekly Challenge. I'd like to make it into a children's song someday.

A Mighty God is He!

Now Ahab was a wicked king,
A wicked king indeed,
He bowed his knee to the idol Baal
A horrid god was he!

Elijah was a man of God,
Great power he did see;
He worshiped the Eternal God,
A mighty God is He!

King Ahab hated men of God,
And killed all those he found;
Though just and holy is our God,
His mercy did abound.

“How long will ye still falter?
How long will ye still fail?
Now will you praise Jehovah,
Or fall down yet to Baal?”

God spoke unto Elijah then;
He told him what to say,
“God will withhold the rain, Ahab;
Turn from your evil way.”

Elijah called the people near;
To Carmel’s mount they came.
“Now you will see which god is real;
Which one will you now claim?”

“How long will ye still falter?
How long will ye still fail?
Now will you praise Jehovah,
Or fall down yet to Baal?”

Four hundred fifty priests of Baal,
They built an altar tall,
They shouted, danced, and cried aloud,
With knives they let blood fall.

Elijah mocked their useless cries,
“Baal must be on a trip,
Perhaps your god is still asleep!”
A smile upon his lip.

“How long will ye still falter?
How long will ye still fail?
Now will you praise Jehovah,
Or fall down yet to Baal?”

From morn ‘til night they cried and begged;
An answer never came.
Four hundred fifty priests had failed,
Baal did not show his fame.

Elijah lay down twelve strong stones,
He calmly, softly prayed,
“Let all now see Your pow’r and might;
Lord, show yourself today.”

He called for water to be poured
O’er sacrifice and wood.
The water flowed through every crack;
Absorbing all it could.

Elijah did not scream and shout,
For God is very near.
Elijah prayed with meekest heart,
He knew that God would hear.

From heaven, streaked a ball of fire!
The people shrieked in fright.
It burnt the bull, the wood, the stones,
And water within sight.

Elijah thrilled at God’s display,
“A faithful God is He!”
The people bowed before His pow’r,
“The only God is He!”

“No longer will we falter.
No longer will we flee.
We praise the One Jehovah!
A mighty God is He!”


Joanne Sher said...

This is wonderful, Vonnie - it would be a SUPER children's song!

LauraLee Shaw said...

This has an incredible hymn feel to it. I love it, wow! It just naturally falls onto a composer's sheet of music. Do it! ;)

Laura Anne Harrison said...

Love this great poem-song, Vonnie! I can see a group of children having great fun singing this one!

Catrina Bradley... said...

I wish I'd read this last week! This was the lesson for my Sunday School kids. It would make an awesome kid's song. I think I'll print it off and read it to them this Sunday anyway - they'll love it. :)

BethL said...

Wonderful writing of this story, Vonnie. Maybe Micah could help you with the music for it! Keep us posted on that!

Mari said...

Very nice pace, Vonnie. I really enjoyed it. If not a song, I could see it being quoted/acted out with children. Great potential...hope you can do more with it.

Laury said...

I love this piece of history - how God showed Himself to all the Baal-seekers!

Sara Harricharan @ Fiction Fusion said...

Oooh, it would make a great kids' song! I love it! The rhythm is just right--I was reading it tapping my toes along. (oh and it's also where I'm currently reading in my Bible plan right now, so it's spot-on!)

LoisA said...

We were entranced with your poem, Vonnie, honored to be related to the author, and praise God for Elijah's story so well told in poetry.


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