New York Years "Sacandaga Bible Camp"


The next summer in New York, my mother got a job as a nurse at Sacandaga Bible Camp for a few weeks. We lived in a little cabin and were able to use the camp facilities whenever we wanted.

There was a miniature golf course right near our cabin. Phillip and I must have played it about a hundred times before we tired of it. There was also a rec room, with a ping-pong table, but we weren't too good at it. The beach was a ways from the cabin, plus the weather was cloudy and too cool to swim much. So...we got bored.

My father decided to teach us how to play chess. I was almost ten years old, Phillip was six, and Jonathan was only four. We all learned the moves of the various chess pieces that summer.

My mother later worked at a hospital in Troy, New York. I remember taking her to work one very hot day. Of course, our old '56 Chevy didn't have air conditioning. We were hot and wanted to stop at the A&W near the hospital. Phillip and I convinced our father to buy the "Papa Bear" glass mug of root beer. We promised that we would drink ALL of it because we were REALLY thirsty.

He made us drink it all.

It has taken me years to enjoy root beer again.

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