A Clothesline Day!

If you know me, you know I love using a clothesline.

The men in my house rigged up these lines between the trees. It works well, if there's a breeze. During this time of year, I have to hop over and around the puddle in the middle, but I don't mind...but I'm a wimp when the weather gets snowy and cold, but some people use their clothesline year round.

It's a nice reason to get out of the house and do housework at the same time. The sunshine and breeze do all the work and don't cost a thing! I love the smell of sun-dried clothes, especially sheets and my husband's t-shirts.

When there was a baby in the house, I loved hanging my cloth diapers on the line. Well, more specifically, I liked taking them off the line - all white and clean and smelling sweet. The kids had a lower clothesline, where they helped me by hanging socks and washcloths.

So, I don't have any deep thoughts today. I'm doing my laundry!


Lloyd said...

With the invention of the dryer, all of natures sweet smells go out the window. I remember growing up as a kid, how I'd just love the fresh smell of clean sheets when they were hung on the clothes lines outside to dry. It is just not the same with electric dryers. Thanks, and may God bless, Lloyd

Anonymous said...

With the budding forth of flowers and trees the welsoming of spring in my area, it seems so stange to see so much snow in your photo! Thanks for sharing I really enjoy being reminded how the net brings people together across the many many miles of our world!

Yvonne said...

OH, NO! That's not what it looks like around here right now! (Although, we have had Aprils that look like that!) We've had a mild winter and early spring. That was just an interesting picture to show how some people do use their clothesline all year. (Sorry for the confusion.)

Laury said...

I love hanging clothes on the line, too. I don't like taking them down, though, so sometimes I forget and am doing it in the dark. Oops:)


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