Lord's Day

Our church family is saddened over the sudden death of one of our JOY Club members, my niece. Kayla accepted the Lord as her Savior this last year. Please be in prayer for her family, that they will turn to the Lord in their grief.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful young lady!
So sorry for your family's loss.
Praying. Thanking the Lord that
she was saved.

Coleene VanTilburg said...

Dear Yvonne, your niece Kayla was very beautiful and I know the pain her family must be feeling. Was she sick or was this something that was undiagnosed or an accident?

Cling to the sovereignty of God and know for everything, even this, there is a purpose. May her testimony and service shine light into many hearts and may every single person in attendance know for sure where there eternity lies and may hearts be saved because of Kayla's life and Christ power through her life. My deep condolences, Coleene

Yvonne said...

Colleen, Kayla had the flu (as also the rest of her family) but it triggered meningitis, which killed her within hours.


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