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I invite you to join me in learning John 14. Each week I plan to learn a new verse. I will "recite" what I have learned before and give a short study of the next verse. You may email your "recitation" to me or put it as a comment below the post. I am using the KJV. If you use another, please let me know. I am starting the second half of this chapter, starting with verse 13. I will learn this block of verses and then attempt to recite the whole chapter later.

John 15:13-14

"And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it."

Is this a blank check?
Can I fill it in with ANYTHING?

Yes and No

Yes, because my God is so big and powerful that there is nothing He can't do.
No, because He only allows things that are within His ultimate plan for me.

I don't think I ask for MARVELOUS things because I sometimes doubt that God would ever do them. He not only gives me all my needs, but He also takes pleasure in providing my wishes.

Our church just benefited from such a prayer. A woman at the doctor's office asked our pastor if we'd like a grand piano. He laughed. Our little church can't afford a grand piano, but she wanted to give it to us. Actually, she wanted a smaller piano and made a trade with us. Last Saturday, a baby grand piano that had been played at Carnegie Hall was delivered to our little church.

One of our church members, who had been away all winter, exclaimed, "God answered my prayers!" She had noticed other churches with nice pianos and thought it would be nice if ours had one, too. So, she began praying about it. God dropped a piano in our laps because of her faith and prayers!

Do we lack because we don't ask?

Our Father is the King of everything!
He loves us. He wants to give us good things.

God doesn't always say "yes." If He chooses not to give us all our wishes, we must trust that He has said "No" for a good reason. There is something we must learn. There is some reason we should go without it. Whatever He gives or denies, we must be content in His will.

"...in my name..."

As a wife, there have been times when I have needed to say, "My husband says..." Sometimes it's when I'm at the garage having the car repaired. Sometimes it's over the phone to a salesman. I am speaking in my husband's name. He is the authority behind my request. It gives power to my words. I should be careful not to abuse that power or bring shame to my husband's name. I should be quite sure he agrees with what words I have spoken.

This is similar to when we pray in Jesus's name. We should be careful that our attitudes are in agreement with Him. We should not use His name selfishly or flippantly. He will give our words power before God the Father when we are in His will.

Have you talked with your Father? Have you told him your wishes and needs? He's waiting for you to crawl on his lap, like a child, and talk with Him.


Nicole said...

Wonderful post, thank you for it :) I never thought of the "...in His name..." that way before, relating it to the husband being the head of the wife and the way we use his name. Thanks for this wonderful reminder of the power of God through faith and prayer :)

Anonymous said...

Blessings bestowed in answered prayer! Beautiful piano! Happy for your church family with this gift.

Rita's Random Ramblings said...

You have the tears streaming down with this one.
Praise God He loves to bless His children!

Hugs, Rita


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