Friday Fiction "Stepping Out With My Baby"

I love Friday Fiction!

This story was for the "baby" topic for a Faithwriters' Weekly Challenge. It's funnier now because my daughter actually told me it would be easier for my husband and I to come to her house for dinner next week.

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It's great fun!


6:24 a.m. – “Good morning, my little Puppycake.
Did you have a good sleep?”

6:48 a.m. – “Say ‘bye-bye’ to Daddy.
‘Bye-bye-bye-bye.’ ”

7:38 a.m. – “It’s a beautiful day.
Would you like to go see Grammy today?”

8:03 a.m. – “Yum, yum, yum - applesauce! Open your mouth. No, don’t put your hands in the bowl.
Oh, now it’s all through your hair!”

8:37 a.m. – “Splash! Splash! My, you’re having fun!
Now Mommy will need to change her clothes.”

9:16 a.m. – “Let’s put these new pink ruffley overalls on today. Where’s the baby? Peek-a-boo! Oh, you’re so cute!”

9:28 a.m. –“You play here, while I get everything ready. I ought to bring the stroller, in case we want to take a walk while we’re there. Let me make sure the diaper bag is packed.”

Diapers (check)
Bottle (check)
Extra clothes (check)
Blanket (check)
Bunny (check)
Pacifier (check)
Powder, cream, lotion (check, check, check)

9:48 – “Where did you crawl off to, Silly Girl?
Oh, no…not the cat food dish!”

10:06 – “Splash, splash. No, we don’t have time to play with the squishy fish. There, you smell better. I hope cat food didn’t stain your pants. Here’s a cute kitty outfit.”

10:29 – “Sit right here in your playpen
while I change my shirt... again.”

10:56 – “Okay, Punkin, let’s go for a ride! Snip, snap, in your car seat. No, don’t cry! I’ll be right back. Here’s your pacifier.”

11:03 – “Where can those keys be?”

Cup holder? nope
Purse? Nope
Bedroom? Nope
Kitchen table? Nope
Pants’ pocket? Nope

“Maybe they’re in the diaper bag…argh!
I might as well dump it out!
Here they are!
How do all these things fit in here?”

Extra clothes

“I’ve got my keys, got my purse, got my cell phone… I think I’m ready!”

11:23 – “Mommy’s back! I’m here; don’t cry.
Where’s your pacifier now? Phew!
Oh, no…you stink! We need to change you.”

11:31 – “Stinky! Stinky! Phew, phew, phew! Even your onesies are messy! We’ll have to change everything. I’ll need to do laundry tonight. You’ll have to wear this old striped shirt and polka-dotted pants.”

11:46 – “Look at the time! No wonder you’re fussy. You’re probably getting hungry and ready for a nap.”

12:23 – “Sh-sh-sh….sleep, baby, sleep.”

12:38 – “Hello, Mom? Would you and Dad like to come over for dinner tonight?
Oh, no, it’s not a bother for me…It’s easier.”


Lynn Squire said...

LOL I love this! Draws up such good memories.

Sherri Ward said...

Remember those days well. I'm amazed at mommies who make the effort to get out there in spite of the time and fuss.

tracy said...

that was very cute. :)

Hoomi said...

Very creative way to tell the story, and even we daddies remember those days (even if they were LONG ago!)

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

Wow! Does this bring back memories! I've even experienced it again to a small degree as a grandma. You captured it well.


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