Finishing a Project

Are you the type of person like me that gets all excited about something new? I jump in headfirst and do really well for a few weeks and then as other new projects squeeze in my life, the earlier ones tend to get left half done.

I have a desire to write missionary stories for young people. The lives of Hudson Taylor and Amy Carmichael and David Livingstone are very interesting and good, but God is working today. Our young people need to read about how He is changing lives and doing miracles today.

A couple years ago, I met a man from Mexico, Fernando Angeles. I was very impressed by his testimony and wanted to write his story. He grew up speaking Tenek and only heard about God through the visiting priest and nuns in Latin or Spanish. Later he went to school and learned to read Spanish. When he graduated, an uncle gave him a Spanish Bible, and Fernando read God's Word for the first time. Later, a friend gave him a Gideon New Testament. God Spirit worked in Fernando's heart and drew him to Himself. With the guidance of a Baptist missionary, Fernando came to the States to learn English and more about the Bible. He returned to his village, but realized that they needed God's Word in Tenek. Now Fernando and his wife, Christy, are translating the Scriptures into the langurage of his people.

I only got about half way and got distracted. A few of my friends weren't able to participate in NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) and wanted to do something similiar. So for the month of February, we are attempting to write 35,000 words. That means over 1,000 words/day. I plan to finish my story of Fernando.

I will keep you posted on my progress and even give you little glimpses of it once in awhile. Pray that this will be used of God to lead young people into the missionfield.

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Laury said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan, to write about present-day missionaries.


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