Carter and Gabriel (my grandsons) are just starting to walk. I watch them reach out their arms and put one foot forward, step by step, toward their Mommy. They look around at the open space, and suddenly they wobble and plop to the floor. With a little encouragement, a grasp of their hands, they're back up and trying again.

It makes me think of Peter on the water. Peter reached out his arms to Jesus and put one foot forward, step by step....until he looked around at the crashing waves. Jesus grasped him by the hand and lifted him up. Together, they walked on the waves back to the boat.

Are we like Peter...or a toddler? Do we look around at the stormy trials around us and forget to look at the One who is there watching us, guiding us, protecting us? Can we feel His hand helping us get back up? Do we know the victory of again walking on the water?

Walkin’ On the Water

Have you ever gazed only on your Creator,
So that nothing else existed?
Did you forget the thundering and winds,
Crashing and whirling about you?
Did you step beyond the walls of safety,
Consciously trusting your Lord?
Have you ever felt the thrill of walkin’,
Walkin’ on the water?

Have you ever faithfully stood for your Lord,
Doing the right amid the foes?
Did your heart beat with fear and faith,
Knowing that others watched and laughed?
Did you bow your head humbly to your King,
Knowing He would see you through?
Have ever felt the peace of sleepin’,
Sleepin’ with the lions,
Walkin’ on the water?

Have you ever spoken boldly for your Saviour,
And roughly tossed to the ground?
Did you feel the pain of stinging words,
Your name smeared with mud and scorn?
Did you wipe your cheek and try again,
Grateful to be worthy of Him?
Have you ever felt the joy of singin’,
Singin’ at midnight,
Sleepin’ with the lions,
Walkin’ on the water?

Have you ever seen the things of this world
Through the eyes of your Redeemer?
Did pleasures, worries, and sins seem
As dust as you looked to the sky?
Did you feel the power of His Spirit
Give you victory o’er temptations?
Have you ever felt the strength of soarin’
Soarin’ with the eagles,
Singin’ at midnight,
Sleepin’ with the lions,
Walkin’ on the water?


Linda said...

Vonnie...did you write the poem? Is it a song? It was beautiful!!

I liked this post and the reminder to keep our eyes on Him.

Your grandbaby is adorable inn that picture.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

T. Anne said...

First you blessed me with that picture then with those amazing words. I love you!

Yvonne said...

Linda, yes I did write that poem. I'd love to make it into a song someday.

I hope to get some pictures of Gabriel walking soon...he lives in the next state, so I don't see him as often.

cindi said...

What a great analogy...I had never thought of Peter and hiswlk lie that before. Thanks.


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