Poll: Posting Schedule

The "Dear Vonnie" posts on Thursdays seem to have run their course. At first, I had an abundant supply of questions and replies, but recently...none.

I need some feedback. Should I continue Dear Vonnie? (If so, I need more questions.)
Should I post things I learned from raising my own children? (memories and tips) Should I go a different direction and share what I've learned about writing over the last few years? Or is there something else you'd like to see me post on my blog? (maybe travel or recipes or poetry?)

I'll keep this poll on my sidebar for a week and let you know next Monday what I've decided to do.


T. Anne said...

Ok, I like all of the above. I've always enjoyed the spiritual aspect as well on your blog. Perhaps they al can work?

Yvonne said...

You're no help! *smile*

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits said...

Hi Yvonne, I love it when scripture comes to mind at just the right time to help me in a situation! And yes,...we need to know it and hide it in our hearts.

I have lots of scripture in my heart from the KJV. That is my favorite version and the most familiar to me.

However my husband and I also use NIV and NLT when we do our devotions together because sometimes a newer version helps us to understand a portion that we are not understanding from the KJV. But God's word is so exciting.

I came over to your blog this morning because of my daughter Lynnette's "Getting To Know You" post...but I have been following you for quite some time know...as you know. I enjoy your posts and your spiritual insight that you share with us. And I love the "Morning Songs" that you send me each morning!

You are quite a lady and I know that Lynnette's followers will enjoy visitng you today.

God Bless!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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