Anna's Day

Today is my daughter Anna's birthday.

She was due the first week of December, but didn't come and didn't come. Finally, the doctor had to get things moving, and she was born January 4th, in the Blue Hill Hospital in their new birthing room. I remember watching Bloopers and trying not to laugh during contractions. My parents were living in Missouri at the time, and my mother flew home to surprise me.

Anna is my fourth child, the middle daughter, and she felt the "squish" of being in the middle. Of all my children, she is the one most like me. (and my mother) She looks like me and acts like me. We clash sometimes, but we understand each other, too. We have the same tastes in decorating. When I hear her talking to her son, it brings back memories of my own babies.

Anna is a beautiful singer and makes the nicest flower arrangements. She writes, too, and first told me about FaithWriters. (Hopefully, she'll get back to it when she's not so busy being a mommy.) She's a faithful loving wife and wonderful mother.

I love you, Anna.
I pray that each day draws you closer to the Lord.
Happy Birthday!

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Linda said...

Happy Birthday To Anna!

Oh my she sure does look like you!!!!

Isn't it fun to have daughters that turn into "mini- mes"?

People are always saying that my 3 daughters look like me too. I love it...cuz they are pretty! (:>) (Sometimes we "clash" too...but not too often!)

Happy New Year Yvonne

Luv, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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