Krazy or Kreative?

I like to laugh and sing.
I like to learn new skills.
I like to write poems and stories.
Some may call that crazy.
Others may call it creative.
I call it fun.

Lynn Squire at Faith, Fiction, Fun, and Fanciful
gave me this cute award.
Thank you so much!

These are the rules:
~List 7 of my favorite things
~Send this award on to 7 other blogggers


* knowing my God is in control
* having my hubby come home for lunch
* spending the day with my parents
* having a whole day to write
* hugs and kisses from grandchildren
* singing with my children
* meeting online friends face to face


(instead of seven, I'm choosing just one:
Karen Aldridge's My Writing Loft

Stop by her place.
See what she's been up to and leave her note of encouragement.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Wow! Thanks, Vonnie. I'm very honored that you chose my blog for this award. It's things like this that encourage me to keep writing. :)


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