Are You Grateful?

Bibles International is working with established churches all over the world, bringing the written Word of God into their languages.

I have known Ross and Cathy Hodsdon and their family for many years. They are language consultants for Bibles International, traveling all over the world to check the translations against the Hebrew and Greek. The Hodsdon's daughter, Connie Champeon, works in the literacy aspect of translating - teaching people to read their own language. She has asked me to help her write study/Bible story books. I am also working on a children's story about Fernando Angeles, translating the Bible into Tenek in Mexico. It is an honor to be a part of this ministry.

While working on an article about Ross and Cathy, I learned some interesting facts.

Bibles International


* There are over 4,000 languages in the world with not one word of the Bible. Many of them don't even have a written language.

* Less than 500 languages have
the whole Bible in their language.

* About 600 have only
the New Testament in their language.

* Another 1,000 have a few verses or
small portions in their own language.

There are many believers and churches in these tribes and villages (evangelized by David Livingstone or Adoniram Judson or others), but the only Scripture they have is in French or Spanish or English. It is verbally translated by someone who has gone to school and is trying to teach his own people the Word of God. They are begging for God's Word in their hands.

Recently, a team of translators finished a Bible in India and printed 12,000 copies. First, a few Bibles were given to the widows of the first leaders and translators, who had passed on before seeing it completed. At that presentation, all the Bibles were distributed and pastors were asking when the next printing might be.

How many Bibles do you own?
Are you grateful to have God's Word in your language?

We have been given a great gift.
What are we doing with it?

Luke 12:48
"For unto whomsoever much is given,
of him shall be much required."


Proverbs 27:19 said...

Hi! I wanted to let you know that I really like the hymn choice for today. I'd never heard of that before.



Andrea said...

I own too many Bibles to count. I have something we teasing call, "a Bible addiction." Having missionaries as family members and friends through the years, I am very thankful and realize the privilege we have in America to hold to GOD's word. I wish others would realize our country was founded on GOD's word and we could all get back to HIS will for our country.

Blessings, andrea


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